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What it IS

  • Proven working by German academia
  • The culmination of years’ practice
  • Works the same way as the brain
  • Grows exponentially as you grow
  • Increases productivity
  • Generates creativity
  • A second brain
  • Lasts for a lifetime

What it ISN'T

  • It does NOT depend on any specific software or application
    • Most existing software (if not all) claiming to adopt this system are missing the point
  • It does NOT help you achieve more without your effort
  • It's NOT overwhelmingly complicated by any intentional manipulation

Who it is for

Knowledge workers

  • Want to accumulate knowledge as you learn?
  • Bad memory on remembering what you've learned before?

Makers of creativity

  • Finding idea sparks?
  • Trying to find or build connections between your ideas?

Lifelong learners

  • Taking notes everywhere only finds out nothing works?
  • Seeking a solution to a personal knowledge base?
  • You learn all kinds of things what are the connections among them?

What's in it

With The Zettelkasten Manual, you will fully understand the system and ready to build your own.

Full course on The Zettelkasten System

  • WHAT it is
  • WHY it works
  • HOW it works

Complete adopting guide

  • What you need
  • The key points
  • Workflows